So I drive by this house every day on my way to work and it is definitely the Skeleton War HQ

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This. Is. Amazing!!!!!


Hummingbirds Pack A Colorful Punch

Hematite crystal with Calcite

Hematite crystal with Calcite


forcing a friend to watch a tv show


All the time!

I want you
Like I want to be able to breath underwater
I don’t need to
But how fucking cool
Would it be if I could?
I want you. I don’t need you if we parted I would live but I would be very bored (via wearebothalone)
All I can ever ask of you is to please never settle for me. If I’m not what you’re looking for, if I’m not good enough for you, then don’t stay.
Because you’ll end up leaving anyways (via brunettes-n-sunsets)


Best show ever.